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The 5 Rights of Medication Administration

Some of the basics we all learned in nursing school remain very important for patient safety. When administering medications, it is vital to remember the “Five Rights” of medication safety. Checking to make sure all “Five Rights” are in place before you give your patient a medication will help keep your patient safe and free from harm.

The “Five Rights” are:

1. Right Medication
- Is this the medication the provider ordered?

2. Right Dose
- How may milliliters, tablets, or does are to given?

3. Right Time
- What time of day should the medication be taken?

4. Right Route
- Should the medication be given by mouth, via feeding tube, or is it an injectable medication?

5. Right Patient
- Is the medication for this patient or is it for someone else?

Medication errors are frequently the result of failing to check these “Five Rights”. Giving medications is an act that needs to be done carefully and taken seriously.

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