Robin Vick

Washington DC Metropolitan(Home Office)
Assistant Director of Nursing

Robin Vick is Continuum’s Assistant Director of Nursing. Robin received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Duke University and has been a nurse for most of her professional life, always enjoying a work environment that is centered around health and the human body. She is also an artist, and she finds that her dual interests in science and the arts have given her a unique perspective on the internal as well as the physical attributes of her patients. For many years she worked in large medical centers because she liked the fact that learning was a big part of the environment in teaching hospitals. Over time she grew to specialize in neonatal intensive and special care, always working within the framework of maternal/child health and development. She eventually got her Masters degree in Health Science/Health Administration. Robin’s family includes her husband, Michael, and their son, Matthew. They recently moved back to the United States after having had the incredible experience of living in Russia, England and France. Robin has been with Continuum since early 2006.